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The centerpiece of the Field Display is a large Christmas Fan.  The fan is 24 feet wide and 14 feet tall.  Ropelight outlines the arc and 3,500 lights fill in the center.  The Christmas Fan is controlled by 19 channels of computer control.  The fan was constructed of one-inch square steel tubing.  It was built in eight sections that are bolted together to form the arc. Steel support rods are used to hold the fan upright and keep it firmly in place.  Two nine-foot tall Nutcrackers stand on either side of the fan.  The Field Display also includes several mini trees and wireframe deer.  Temporary fence panels were assembled behind the display for security.  The fence panels were lined with icicle lights. 

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The view of the Field Display from the street   It's hard to see from this picture but the base of the fan sits 14 inches above ground level   Steel support rods hold the fan in place   Welded steel makes up the frame of the fan   The point where four frame sections meet and are bolted together   Another view from behind the fan   The line of deer in front of the fan   An interior view of the Field Display   

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