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The Dancing Elfs

Here are a few photos of the 2009 display.  The newest addition to the display is a synchronized light wall behind the rear fence, which allowed the cityscape to be moved to the roof.  The light wall doesn't show up well in the photographs.  You'll just have to trust me that it's there, and it looks pretty darned cool....  This is a very difficult display to photograph because the lights are never all on at the same time.  The lights are synchronized to music which is broadcast on FM radio and also playing in the display.  It's an experience you'll never forget (although I would sometimes like to...)

One view from across the street. Another view from the street. And another view from the street.

What's this, another view from the street? Could it be? Yes it is. Another view from the front! This is getting old....

For a change here's something different- NOT! For the love of all thing holy, MAKE IT STOP!! Hey, it's pictures of Marty's house! You are boring me... Ok, who'se the schmuck who didn't get any good photos this year? and you forgot to turn on the Virtual Santa before you took these lame shots. What a dork...Hey, that looks like the same band that keeps showing up every year. Yep, I'm sure it's the same band. Way to go Mr. Original... The Fan made a return to it's original spot.

Some display pieces take more effort than they're worth.  This is one.  It may not be back. This 12 foot tall monster about killed me when I was raising it.  I'm getting too old for this mess! Note to self: next year I need to take better pictures, or just move away and change my identity..

CHRISTMAS UTAH 2009 was brought to you through much pain, work, money, and malaise.  I would like to thank my family and neighbors for putting up with another year of Christmas mayhem.


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