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The Cityscape Backdrop is located behind the fence that separates the front and back yards.  The Cityscape includes several recognizable Utah landmarks.  Some of the landmarks include the State Capitol Building, the Salt Lake LDS Temple, the Church Office Building, some of the downtown Salt Lake City buildings,  the old Murray Smoke Stacks, and Delicate Arch.  The backdrop is 41 feet wide and 14 feet tall at its highest point.  It includes eight individual panels that are bolted together and held in place with steel brackets and supports.  The framework for the Cityscape is made from a combination of one-inch square steel tubing, two-inch steel pipe, and 1/4 inch steel rod that are bent into shape and welded together.  The facade is corrugated plastic.  Ropelight is used to outline the backdrop.

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The daytime view from the front.   Delicate Arch from Arches National Park in Southern Utah   A look at the frames and supports from the roof   A close-up view of the framework that gives the cityscape its shape   The backdrop is held in place by several steel braces   The cityscape is designed to withstand high winds   The lower panels were used in previous years as part of the old mountain backdrop   The framework of Delicate Arch and the Smoke Stacks   What can I say?  Here's yet another view.   The braces are attached to large stakes that are pounded at least two feet into the ground  

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