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The yard features several individually computer controlled items.  There are 28 wireframe deer that are animated to look like they run from the field display, jump over the fence into the yard, and run off into the bushes.  There are 51  mini trees that are each three feet tall.  The mini trees are made by welding steel rods into a tripod shape and covering them with lights.  There are nine bipod trees that are about five feet tall.  Each bipod has 500 mini lights.  There are nine full size Christmas trees with 1,000 lights each.  The sidewalk and driveway are lined with C7 size colored bulbs.  A ropelight Nativity scene sits in a raised flower bed between the yard and the field display.

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Mini trees   One of the Bipod trees   Mini trees, Bipod trees, wireframe deer, and Christmas trees   Looking down on the yard from the roof   C7 light bulbs along the sidewalk   Another view of the grass items in the display   The deer jump the fence and run across the yard   The beginning of the line of deer   The deer running through the yard display   

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