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Christmas Utah is computer controlled with Light-O-Rama hardware and software.  The 2006 show included 31 control boxes with over 400 independent animation channels.  The control boxes are interconnected with CAT-5 network cable which carries signals from the show computer located inside the house.  The display included over 15,000 feet of extension cords and electrical cables.

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Two of the control boxes that are located close to the display items they control   One of the computer control boxes   The circuit board inside one of the control boxes   Multiple controllers and dedicated electrical outlets   Most of the control boxes are placed out of site such as this one on the back side of a tree trunk   Thousands of feet of electrical cord are used in the display   Whenever possible electrical cords are run together in groups to keep things tidy   Not all of the wires can be hidden from view   A computer network cable and an FM transmitter antenna cable pass through a wall into the house.   We have twenty dedicated 20 amp circuits, and two additional 220 Volt portable subpanels to power the light show   Almost everything in the yard is saturated with lights   Small outdoor speakers are spread throughout the display so pedestrians can enjoy the sounds of the show  

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