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STORAGE: People always ask "Where do you store everything?"  Anywhere I can!  Some of the display is stored in the garage, but most is in the backyard.  I have three storage areas in the backyard.  One is a shed.  The other two are tarped enclosure where large displays can be protected from the damage caused by the sun and weather.

FM TRANSMITTER:  I've used many different models of transmitters over the years.  In 2006 I used a Ramsey FM100B.  I've tried other transmitters but I feel the Ramsey models have the best sound and reliability.  The FM100B is the top of the line in Low Power FM.  The FM30B and FM25B are also very good transmitters.    I've assembled and sold FM transmitters to several other people who do displays around the globe.  Drop me an email if you think you could use a transmitter in your display or you would like more information about Low Power FM.

CONTROL CENTER:  Many people are interested to see how the show is controlled.  They imagine a room full of computers, switches, flashing lights, and wires.  Everything is controlled from an old computer inside my home office.  I spend a lot of time in that room writing the computer sequences and designing displays.

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A portable garage where the "work in progress" is stored   A storage shed on the left, and a tarped area on the right for oversized displays   One of the storage and work areas   One of the overhead storage areas in the garage   The garage is lined with shelves that contain items to build and repair displays   Some of the junk in the garage workshop   The Ramsey FM Transmitter   The FM Radio Sign   Inside my office   My main computer and workstation   The computer that runs the show is in the lower right corner   During the day Santa's Harley is stored next to the real Harley  

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