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What is Coro?  Coro is short for corrugated plastic.  It looks like cardboard but it is made of plastic.  The displays on this page are created by poking mini lights through the coro to make the outline of the image.  Since the coro sheets are somewhat flexible they need to be attached to a framel.  The frames for these characters are made from lightweight metal building studs.  Besides providing rigidity the frames also allow me to attach the panels to the house without smashing the wires that are concealed behind the coro.  Each of these characters are designed to be animated so multiple images are superimposed on each panel.  The show computer controls which image is displayed and by changing images it gives the illusion that the characters are moving.

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Rudy the Singing Reindeer   The Dancing PlanetChristmas Santa   Mini lights are pushed through the coro to make the outline of the character   This panel includes two character as well as a grid of lights   The windows are wrapped with coro frames

Looking behind one of the coro panels you can see the conceiled wires   The coro sheets are attached to metal frames that attach to the house   Another view of the frames   Coro panels can be made into different shapes   

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